The two body problem (a bunch of articles I read today)

On The Two Body Problem, blogpost on Women in Astronomy

“We Met in Grad School” in the Chronicle, with loads of interesting reader comments

Blogpost about “Advising on the two body problem”

“”Solving” the two body problem”, at the blog Tenure, She Wrote

A happy “Two-Body Problem” story, for a change!

Unusual academic paths (“Alt” or “post” academics)

An (overly?) optimistic anthropological discussion of personal benefits such as broadening of horizons which occurs thanks to hypermobile lives: Liudmila Kirpitchenko, Academic hypermobility http cosmopolitan dispositions,Journal of Intercultural Communication, ISSN 1404-1634, issue 27, November 2011.

A more balanced anthropological discussion: Scott A Cohen and Stefan Gössling (2015) A darker side of hypermobility,Environment and Planning A 2015, volume 47,

(somewhat long and rambly) blogpost about alternative (non-academic) jobs for PhD graduates

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