Peter Woit’s blog about physics and mathematics, Not Even Wrong

Terence Tao’s research and expository papers, discussion of open problems, and other maths-related topics –

Computational Complexity and other fun stuff in math and computer science from Lance Fortnow and Bill Gasarch –

Tim Gowers’ blog – Mathematics related discussions –

The Azimuth project 

Official blog of the Azimuth project, by John Baez (a mathematical physicist) …

Tony’s maths blog

The flying colours maths blog

Theorem of the day

Peter Cameron’s blog – a directory of maths blogs

Pat’s blog (which has a fun section called “On this day in math”)

Mathematics resources

Project Euler 

Treasure trove of mathematics on the web

British Applied Mathematics Colloquium (BAMC)

Mathematical games, teaching aids, tools and visualisations:

…and Anne Kahnt’s G+ page which is full of pretty mathematics

Carnival of mathematics – a monthly blogging round up hosted by a different blog each month. This page also has a long list of maths bloggers who have hosted “carnivals” on their blog

Travels in a mathematical world

Mathematical Societies

•    London Mathematical Society
•    Institute of Mathematics and its Applications
•    Royal Statistical Society
•    Operational Research Society
•    Edinburgh Mathematical Society

Mathematical education initiatives

Mathematics in Education and Industry (MEI, aka Innovators in mathematical innovation)

Further mathematics network (run by MEI)

Meet the mathematicians (MtM) – outreach programme for schools (one-day visits of Maths departments for groups of A-level/Highers students which ran in 2008-2012)

Places to study mathematics

•    Directory of UK University mathematics departments (compiled by with links to many of their webpages)
•    Directory of wordlwide University mathematics departments

The university webpage of this project

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