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Savilian Professor Nigel Hitchin reflects on his life in mathematics

Fascinating autobiographical interview about the life of a mathematician!

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The two body problem (a bunch of articles I read today)

On The Two Body Problem, blogpost on Women in Astronomy http://womeninastronomy.blogspot.co.uk/2013/02/figure-1-two-body-problem.html

“We Met in Grad School” in the Chronicle, with loads of interesting reader comments http://chronicle.com/article/We-Met-in-Graduate-School/134548/

Blogpost about “Advising on the two body problem” http://biochembelle.com/2012/09/30/advising-on-the-two-body-problem/

“”Solving” the two body problem”, at the blog Tenure, She Wrote https://tenureshewrote.wordpress.com/2013/09/18/solving-the-two-body-problem/

A happy “Two-Body Problem” story, for a change! http://sciencecareers.sciencemag.org/career_magazine/previous_issues/articles/2005_10_12/nodoi.4906092037166312197

Unusual academic paths (“Alt” or “post” academics) http://theprofessorisin.com/2014/09/29/the-one-body-problem-when-youre-both-alt-and-ac-part-i-cardozo/

An (overly?) optimistic anthropological discussion of personal benefits such as broadening of horizons which occurs thanks to hypermobile lives: Liudmila Kirpitchenko, Academic hypermobility http cosmopolitan dispositions,Journal of Intercultural Communication, ISSN 1404-1634, issue 27, November 2011. immi.se/intercultural/nr27/kirpitchenko.htm

A more balanced anthropological discussion: Scott A Cohen and Stefan Gössling (2015) A darker side of hypermobility,Environment and Planning A 2015, volume 47, http://epn.sagepub.com/content/early/2015/07/24/0308518X15597124.full.pdf

(somewhat long and rambly) blogpost about alternative (non-academic) jobs for PhD graduates http://scicurious.scientopia.org/2013/09/18/redefining-alternative/

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Sorry for the long hiatus

Sorry to anyone who checked this blog out in the past three months and didn’t find anything. I had some time from heaven and hell (mainly hell) but I think I’ve sorted my tetris cubes now and will hopefully be writing more here from now on.

Seen on the door of a mathematician at the TU-Berlin.

Seen on the door of a mathematician at the TU-Berlin.

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“An Aspiring Scientist’s Frustration with Modern-Day Academia: A Resignation”

“While there was a time when I thought that I would be proud to have the letters “PhD” after my name, this is unfortunately no longer the case.”  from “An Aspiring Scientist’s Frustration with Modern-Day Academia: A Resignation”, anonymous text posted in Pascal Junod’s blog

Have I posted this story of academic frustration yet? No?? Well, here it is… Read the comments, too.



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