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Backre(action): nice blog

I like this person. She sounds fun. And she tackles a stereotype head on, without being afraid to acknowledge which bits of that stereotype may actually be true. Nice little read.


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Talking Science(ish) in Swansea

A friend saw the show, presented by Rick Edwards and Michael Brooks, and wrote a nice piece about it for the British Science Association blog which you can read here: 

Talking relationships, identity and technology with Science(ish)

More good science communication like this show needed!

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The disposable academic

An old article in the Economist about what happens after PhD (spoiler: not so good things)… still true.


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Young US women in STEM

Depressing slide from Margaret Eisenhart and Carrie Allen’s paper at the AAA2015 (American Anthropological Association meeting) in Denver.


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Ada Lovelace Documentary online

A very nice documentary about Ada Lovelace, presented by matheamatician Hannah Fry! On the BBC website, unfortunately only available until tomorrow 10pm:


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