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Family Maths Day in Berlin: 6 September, Saturday!


Was für eine tolle Idee: ein Mathe-Familien-Tag! Das Fest findet am Samstag, 6.September, von 14 bis 18 Uhr im Schulgarten Moabit statt. Der Eintritt ist frei. Mehr Infos hier und hierMathe-Familien-Tag am 6.9. in BerlinMathe-Familien-Tag 2014Mathe-Familien-Tag 2014

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Banach spaces (and other limericks)

If M’s a complete metric space,
And non-empty, it’s always the case,
If f’s a contraction,
Then under its action,
Exactly one point stays in place!
(From: Mymaths.blogspot.co.uk)

A mathematician confided
That a Moebius* strip is one sided
And you get quite a laugh
When you cut it in half:
In stays in one piece when divided.

The topologist’s child was quite hyper
Till she wore a Moebius diaper.
The mess on the inside
Was thus on the outside:
It was easy for someone to wipe her.

(From: Wikipedia – mathematical joke)

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