being (a girl) in physics

Just stumbled across this lovely blogpost. Marion Erpelding, a professional physicist who, after a three year postdoc, left academia to devote herself to science communication ( and other more fun pursuits, talks about gender segregation in schools, and of the segregation of sciences from humanities on university campuses. This made me think of how important the physical landscape of science is. It also reminded me of my anger the other day when reading once again about gender stereotypes in science: these stereotypes which Marion’s post so nicely links to the physical landscape of a university campus. (And which are just as contingent, and hard, yet not impossible, to shift and rebuild!)

Brief and evocatively written!

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2 thoughts on “being (a girl) in physics

  1. […] very interesting blog I discovered this week, and something unexpected that made me very happy. Thank you for your kind words, […]

  2. Map Man says:

    Can you use topology and set theory to categorize the sexes?

    I came across an interesting dissertation that does just that; but is there any precedence for this, or can I write off such a study as humanities-scholar-gone-wacko?

    any response would be welcome

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