Why are Indians so good at code?

Cheryll Barron offers a historical explanation:

“Indian software aptitude rests on an unlikely pair of factors: an emphasis on learning by rote in Indian schools, and a facility and reverence for abstract thought. These biases of Indian education are all but mutually exclusive in the modern West, where a capacity for abstraction is closely associated with creativity and stimulating, inspirational learning. In India, learning by rote is seen by many, if not most conventional teachers, as essential grounding for creativity – like Picasso’s mastery of perspective and anatomy in his youth – and for unbounded invention and speculation.”

from: “The Indian genius

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3 thoughts on “Why are Indians so good at code?

  1. Hello Matters Mathematical,

    I’m delighted to see The Indian Genius posted here — on your exceptionally interesting blog. Just one small correction: there’s an ‘r’ missing from my surname. … I expect to be back here soon, to read on …

    • anelim says:

      Oops, sorry and thanks for alerting me! Typo corrected 🙂

      A friend of mine (originally from India himself) shared it and I thought it was a very interesting article. Have you researched much on the issue?

  2. After you’ve popped that missing ‘r’ in place, would you please remove these messages? … They aren’t comments, and I’d prefer to say something interesting, when I have chance. …Thanks.

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